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Our Company


Managing Partner Josh, co-founder/partner/wife Paula, Casey, Hunter, Madison, Macy

Our roots run deep in the Kenaston area with farming going back 4 generations.  With the family out of the farming industry for over 2 decades Josh and Paula started Kerpan Farms from humble beginnings in 2009.  With great blessings and a lot of help from a lot of great people the farm has quickly grown to over 11,000 acres.  We are deeply committed to improving the land we manage to create economic and ecological sustainability.



To manage people, land, animals and inputs to optimize production from the land we manage in the manner demanded by our world as indicated by the economic environment we operate within.


Kerpan Farms is an economically sustainable business that provides financial security to owners and employees through long term profitability.  We are an exceptional business, that is attractive to internal and external investment, built on exceptional management strategies.  Consistent business growth will be driven by constant personal growth of owner's and employees.  We will strive for long term land security so that we can engage in practices that optimize soil function and benefit our environment as a part of a larger strategy to serve our community locally, regionally, and globally.  We will foster an exceptional work-life balance for all partners that makes our business attractive to the next generation.  The legacy created  by the farm will be handed to the next generation in lessons and values lived through them and not in assets handed to them.

Core Values
  • Integrity - We will accomplish fair dealings with all stakeholders through honest and transparent communication.

  • Collaboration - The value of the whole in more than the sum of the parts.  Teamwork will always results in superior results.

  • Resilience - We will be flexible to adapt to changing conditions in our environment as we constantly reposition ourselves to accomplish our mission.

  • Work-Life Balance - The lifestyle provided by a career in agricultureal production is one of a kind and we will foster that lifestyle through excellent work-life balance for all stakeholders. 

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